EMail Editor & SiteMaster

The EMAILEditor helps you easily create email communications for your clients. It assists you in increasing leisure travel sales with consistent, professional e-marketing messages.

Your emails will show a high degree of style and professionalism, helping you to increase sales. This tool is FREE to all TRAVELSAVERS agencies. It allows you to quickly search and easily find TRAVELSAVERS’ exclusive deals. Plus, use this tool to communicate directly with your clients.

The EMAILEditor includes the following features:


  • Emails contain robust content from preferred supplier’s promotional information
  • Extensive library of themed graphics, travel images, layouts, and color schemes to use in your emails
  • Consumers automatically linked to a dynamically created landing site with your specific contact information
  • Library of emails pre-created by TRAVELSAVERS that you can quickly customize and forward to your clients. Agent-specific information is automatically removed from your consumer emails
  • Reporting on email click-through statistics
  • ClientBase Plus interface allows you to import emails into ClientBase Plus for delivery, and track clicks in your ClientBase Plus profiles

When it comes to vacations, consumers want a complete shopping experience. SITEMaster is a complete web site development program designed specifically to help you promote vacation travel and capture a greater share of the online travel market.

SITEMaster offers:

  • Multiple designs and site layouts
  • Complete web site hosting
  • Domain name hosting for web site and multiple email addresses
  • Preferred supplier product content that is updated daily
  • Preferred supplier web tools displaying specific offers or types of offers
  • Promotion Publisher to add your own offers into your preferred supplier database
  • Easily add your own logos, images and branding
  • Online activity reports on website usage and email activity
  • Add third-party content and links
  • Easily add and edit your own text
  • Rotating offers and images to keep your website looking fresh
  • Optional website customization
  • Integration with CRM packages including ClientBase Plus
  • Flexible formatting
  • Access to booking engine platforms including CruiseXpress.

Optional Website and Email Marketing Programs:

  • Multiple designs and site layouts
  • Complete web site hosting