American Marketing Group Advisors Forecast Prosperous Year Ahead for Travel Sales Despite Challenges

OYSTER BAY, NY (January 3, 2024): Buoyed by a strong return to travel in 2023, the advisors of American Marketing Group’s affiliated agencies expect a profitable year ahead.  

Seventy-nine percent of respondents to a recent survey foresee their sales increasing in 2024. Of those, 31 percent envision significant growth, and 48 percent believe sales will grow somewhat. Only five percent predict sales will decline somewhat, with no one anticipating a significant drop. 

“Travel has come roaring back,” said Kathryn Mazza-Burney, AMG Chief Sales Officer. “After so much built-up demand, travelers today are venturing far and wide and spending more on higher-end travel experiences. Premium and luxury are leading the way again for 2024.”

One advance advisors are anticipating positively is generative artificial intelligence. About half – 51 percent – view it positively, saying it’s a great tool or has potential. Eighteen percent view it neutrally and another 17 percent aren’t sure about its impact. Just 13 percent view it negatively.

Advisors named AI-assisted travel planning as one of the top five trends emerging in 2024. Two-thirds of those surveyed – 68 percent - have used AI already or want to try it. Almost one-quarter of respondents – 24 percent – say they are not using it and do not plan to try it.

“We’re excited about the power AI holds to help travel advisors with their planning and marketing tasks,” said Mazza-Burney. “We’re implementing it in our proprietary technology tools to free up an advisor’s time so they can focus on what they do best – providing excellent client service.”

While advisors are confident about sales growth, they are also realistic about the challenges they will continue to face in 2024. The top concern survey respondents envision are issues related to air travel, such as fare costs. They also foresee problems related to rising prices and geopolitical issues. As well, respondents predict competition from suppliers encouraging direct bookings from consumers. Many advisors, coming off an incredibly busy year, also anticipate dealing with burnout.

Survey results are as follows:

2024 Sales

  • 48% predict sales will increase somewhat
  • 31% predict sales will increase significantly
  • 16% predict sales will stay the same
  • 5% predict sales will decrease somewhat


Biggest Challenges

  • 25% cited air issues (fare costs, NDC)
  • 16% cited inflation/rising prices
  • 16% cited geopolitical issues
  • 12% cited direct booking competition
  • 10% cited burnout 

Attitude Towards AI

  • 35% say it has potential for advisors
  • 18% say it’s neither good nor bad
  • 17% say they don’t know
  • 16% say it’s a great tool for advisors
  • 7% say it’s not good for advisors
  • 6% say it’s a threat to advisors

AI Usage

  • 36% want to learn how to use it
  • 24% don’t and won’t use it
  • 14% use it occasionally
  • 10% have tried it
  • 8% use it frequently

Advisors from TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and Affluent Traveler Collection affiliate agencies in the US and Canada took the survey from Nov. 8 to 27, 2023.


About American Marketing Group, Inc.Established in 1970, American Marketing Group is a dynamic organization encompassing 19 pioneering travel companies, including TRAVELSAVERS, NEST and The Affluent Traveler Collection. The international travel marketing leader is an essential business partner to agencies and suppliers, providing them with innovative products and services that offer a competitive advantage in the leisure and corporate markets. With a global reputation for excellence, AMG advances the trade through dedicated sales support, proprietary technology, networking opportunities, longstanding supplier partnerships and award-winning marketing. With more than 25,000 top-performing advisors generating $20 billion in revenue, AMG empowers its affiliates to achieve greater success financially, professionally and personally.


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